Candy Queen Store – “Brand to Watch”

by Kari Nyack

One of my favourite brands right now that is proving to be a real hit with all my little clients is Candy Queen store. Candy Queen Store is a new British T-shirt concept that caters to girls’ age 5 to 12 years. Their range consists of customisable T-shirts and edgy changeable ICONS that attach to their gorgeous clothing.

The creator of this fabulous concept Mel Buchanan gained inspiration from her childhood memories of the seaside; fairground rides, the circus, cupcakes, candy canes, 99ers and also some of her favourite childhood stories; Alice and Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Whilst living in Thailand for 4 years, Mel noticed customisable products such as Build A Bear, Pandora jewelry and Crocs were on the cusp of becoming a popular trend. Mel said “I was intrigued by the Asian culture and their infatuation of character lead products such as Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll.” In 2010 Mel returned to the UK, and began to pursue a career in designing a unique brand with a “pick and mix” concept, enabling young girls to express their individuality through their clothing.

Short sleeved Vanilla T-Shirt with 3 icons

Sleeveless Baby Pink vest with 3 icons

Customisable Icons

Candy Queen Store has been featured in Childrens Wear Buyer January 2012 as a “Brand to Watch”. Editor of Glamour magazine, Jo Elvin, commented “I will urge these editors to give your brand a push” and Nick Ede, PR guru and an influential figure in the fashion world also expressed positivity towards the brand “Your brand is adorable and so much fun! And great Name! Perfect!”

Candy Queen Store products can currently be purchased from Snows of Morpeth, Just Kidding in Gosford and Minsky in London. Look out for the new Summer 2012 range coming this May, includes long and short sleeved T-shirts in Snow white, Bubblegum pink and Licorice Black.

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