Suzanne Ermann colaborates with Barbie!!!

by Kari Nyack

French designer, Suzanne Ermann has teamed up with the biggest fashion icon of all time. Looking amazingly good for 50+, but then again she is made of plastic, Barbie has had the likes of Christian Dior, Donna Karan, Christian Loubouton and Givenchy all design amazing outfits especially for her.

Collaborating with such a big name (even if she is a toy), is such an achievement for any designer especially folowing in the foot steps of some of the greats.

“Suzanne Ermann for Barbie” is a capsule collection for girls aged 4-12 years, for Autumn-Winter 2013 and then for Spring-Summer 2014.

For this capsule collection Suzanne Ermann has adopted and revisited, Barbie’s emblematic codes: bows, flounces, paste and the famous Barbie pink. Little girls can have the very same matching dress as their favourite doll.

Tops, skirts, trapeze and pinafore dresses, with petticoats and flounces are cut in exclusive flocked tulle with peas, or take up the pattern of Barbie’s famous stiletto heels. Duchesse satins, jersey velvet, taffeta, spangles or lace get flushed with “Barbie” pink, grey, black, turquoise, mauve or silver.

The Autumn-Winter 2013 collection is available to purchase at

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